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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Haskins vs Hanskins DNA proven

I can't STRESS enough the importance of getting as many known family members
to test as possible! I found that my dad matches 3rd cousin WHaskins on Ancestry DNA but Haskins doesn't match me! To find out how see my blog: Getting my groove back here.

 My newly discovered cousin WHaskins from AncestryDNA and 23 and me and myself share absolutely nothing between the two of us on DNA.  I never would have found him if I didn't have other family members tested. I had the marriage certificate of Joe Elliott and Bette Haskins but the transcribed record on misnomers Bette's surname Hanskins instead of Haskins.  Without WHaskins DNA results matching my dad, my Uncle Oliver Tidwell and my brother Ralph C. Bass so highly I would never have made this connection. WHaskins also matches my brother Marcus E. Bass too but not as high. My dad and WHaskins share great great great grandparents which would be 5th great grandparents to me and my brothers and the reason why WHaskins and myself at fifth cousins have a less likely chance of sharing DNA according to ISOGG. Look at the variations of our match!


My dad and brother Ralph seem to have inherited more Haskins DNA in ways that Marcus and I didn't. Marcus only shares 8 cM of DNA with WHaskins on chromosome 2 as indicated above.  To confirm that it is indeed the right line my Uncle Oliver matches him too at 41 cM. Carrie Elliott was Uncle Oliver's mother and Bette Haskins his grandmother and the woman he says raised him as a child. WHaskins and Uncle Oliver share great great great grandparents. Uncle Oliver  also orally confirms for me that Bette's correct name should be Haskins and not Hanskins but I will be obtaining the marriage certificate very soon still.

Will post more on this match soon!

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